POLYTYPE BDM 350, 6-Color Round Cup Printer
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POLYTYPE BDM 350, 6-Color Round Cup Printer :-

Consisting of :- Automatic Elevator Tray-feeder
Cross Conveyor to Main Print Unit
Universal screw Denester
ARCOTEC CG06/ 400 Corona Pretreatment System, age 2005
8-mandrel Indexing Turret, with Mandrel Holders
6 x individually hinged dry-offset Print Heads
Each Print Head with Print cylinder, radial and axial Print adjustment with micro-register during operation of the Printer
2 x Form Rubber Rollers dia. 71 and 100 mm
2 x Oscillating rollers
2 x Idler Rollers
1 x Ink Transfer roller (Ductor Roller)
1 x Ink Fountain with Fountain Roller
Ink Washing System on Print Heads
UVITERNO Mono-Jumbo 6015 (age 1999) UV Curing-On-Mandrel
Dual Belt Take-off with Air Assist
Short conveyor to counter Stacker station with Ejector Tray
Max. Cup dia. 150 mm
Min. dia. of cups 55 mm
Max. Height of Cups 130 mm
Min. height of cups 35 mm
Max. Printing Length 417 mm
Max. Speed 24,000 containers/ hr depending on Cup Size & Shape

*Can be inspected in Production in Europe. 

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