Complete ILLIG RDKP72d Full Servomotor Thermoformer, age 1992
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We are pleased to offer the following ILLIG RDKP 72d Full Servomotor Thermoformer, age 1992

Unwind Stand
Preheater 2-Roll ILLIG VHW 72/ 2
Indramat Servomotor Indexing
Automatic Transport Chain Spreading for PP
Max. Indexing length 530 mm
Double heating. Top Heater 37.1 kW, Lower Heater 37.1 kW
Sheet Sag Control

Forming station with Toggles & Indramat Servomotors on both Top and Bottom Form Stations
Form Area 680 x 500 mm
Max. Sheet width 720 mm
Draw depth +/ – 120 mm.
ILLIG DSB Punching Station
Stacker/ Counter Station
Waste material Rewinder
PLC: Schleicher PO3
400 V 3ph 50Hz

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