Kuhne Coextruder Line with Inline ILLIG RDM70Kb, age 1991
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Kuhne Coextruder Line with Inline ILLIG RDM70Kb, age 1991

Consisting of :-
Mixing/ Dosing Units for the Extruders:-
5-Component Mixing/ Dosing Unit for the Main Extruder K90
4-Component Mixing/ Dosing Unit for the 1st Coextruder K70
2-Component Mixing/ Dosing Unit for the 2nd Coextruder K35
Main Extruder Kuhne K90, Screw Dia 105 mm, 125 Kw Drive Motor
1st Coextruder Kuhne K70, Screw Dia. 90 mm, 106 Kw Drive Motor
2nd Coextruder Kuhne K35, 13.2 kW Drive Motor
Combi screws are installed, the Line can work with PS & PP, 2-layer with the K90 and K70 Extruders without any problems.
For 3-layer film using the K35 Extruder as well, the K35 Extruder must be positioned higher for the 3rd Layer feed material to reach the channel in the Feed Block.
Screen Changer
Melt Pump
Coextruder Feed Block
850 mm Flexlip Die
900 mm wide Kuhne GA/ BA 3-Roll Polished Chrome Cooling/ Polishing Stack, Roll dia. Ø400 mm.
Rolls driven by separate Motor/ Gearbox System
Cooling Medium Pumping System
Kuhne GA4/ 900 Take-off Unit
Inline ILLIG RDM70Kb Thermoformer (the ILLIG RDM 70Kb has a larger Forming Area than the ILLIG RDM 70K)
Indramat Servomotor Indexing
Max. Sheet width 730 mm
Auto Transport Rail Spreading for PP
Double Heating Oven
Max. Form Area 700 x 550 mm
Hydraulic Plug Assist
Hydraulic Power Pack
Inline Illig ÜG70b Counter/ Stacker
Inline Illig RS75b Grinder with Blower
Thermoformer with Schleicher SO3 PLC Controls

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