Complete ILLIG RDKP72d Full Servomotor Thermoformer, age 1992
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We are pleased to offer the following ILLIG RDKP 72d Full Servomotor Thermoformer, age 1992

Unwind Stand
Preheater 2-Roll ILLIG VHW 72/ 2
Indramat Servomotor Indexing
Automatic Transport Chain Spreaders for PP
Max. Indexing length 530 mm
Double heating. Top Heater 37.1 kW, Lower Heater 37.1 kW
Forming station with Toggles & Indramat Servomotors on both Top and Bottom Form Stations
Form Area 680 x 500 mm
Max. Sheet width 720 mm
Draw depth +/ – 120 mm.
ILLIG DSB Punching Station
Stacker/ Counter Station
Waste material Rewinder
PLC: Schleicher PO3
400 V 3ph 50Hz

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